GOP Staffer Slams Malia and Sasha for Their Attire & Behavior at Turkey Pardon, Rightly Apologizes

The disparaging comments of a GOP staffer about President Obama’s daughters making an appearance at the turkey pardon are making the rounds, and some people are understandably upset about them.

Here are a few of the expressions the two girls made at the appearance that made waves in social media; however, the general tenor of such articles is that they are just being teenagers, and meant no disrespect:

There might be a number of people who think that when it comes to politics, everything is fair game. Not true. People should keep the personal attacks and disparaging comments about people’s kids where they belong – unspoken and unwritten. It’s unnecessary and doesn’t do one’s cause any good, anyway.

That’s why the comments of a GOP staffer about Malia and Sasha’s appearance at their father President Obama’s turkey pardon are a bit head-scratching. This is what Elizabeth Lauten, communications director for Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-Tenn.), wrote:

It’s unclear how the girls wearing clothing appropriate for a private school could give rise to such a response. And as for the girls acting like teenagers – yeah, “teenagers gonna teenage.”

In the fallout from the reaction to her comments, Lauten has issued an apology:

Lauten says she prayed on the matter, and found the error of her ways. She explains in a sensible fashion the reasoning behind her apology.

Of course, there are instances when people of a different political persuasion write much worse things and are not forced into an apology. But that’s a separate issue, and Ms. Lauten ultimately did the right thing.

If the daughters of a Republican like George W. Bush were talked down to in such a way on a liberal website, it would be equally wrong. It’s called intellectual consistency and is something people should strive for, rather than blind partisanship.

It will be interesting to see if Ms. Lauten’s apology is accepted. One suspects, on the contrary, it will be used to make equally unfair statements about conservatives and Republicans.

What do you think?

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