The 100 Most Important Koala Pictures Of All Time

Who doesn’t love Koalas? They’re kind of like cats, except… more bear-like. Well, we think that the Internet has been missing out on a goldmine of adorable Koala pics – so let’s invite you into the furry, fuzzy and fun world that they live in, shall we?

1. The Frank Sinatra of Koalas

Why It Matters: Much like Ronan Farrow, we’re not sure if these unnaturally blue eyes are real or not.

2. “That Koala”

Why It Matters: Creepy or cute? This wink looks a little too polished to be casual.

3. The Koala Who Sleeps Through the Snooze Alarm

Why It Matters: What’s in them Eucalyptus leaves? This joker’s always late to work and starts a yawning spree about 2 p.m.

4. Whatever these Koalas are Doing, It’s Personal

Why It Matters: That’s fine, guys, you can spoon. We won’t judge.

5. Koalas in the “Outback”

Why It Matters: This gives whole new meaning to the term “outback.” Hey, whatever happens in Australia, stays in Australia.

6. This Photographer Tortures Us with Koala Cuteness

Why it Matters: We’re pretty sure we can fight the War on Terror just with adorable Koala pics like these.

7.  Chillest Koala in the World

Why it Matters: Pretty sure I met this dude in a nightclub in Memphis. Chill guy. Steals fries when you’re not looking, still pretty chill.

8.  OMG, Dude Looks Like He’s Copying That Stuffed Animal

Why It Matters: People are constantly mistaking Koalas for stuffed animals. They’re not stuffed animals! They’re totally real!

9. Yawning Koala Ball

Why It Matters: Furball yawning on a tree branch. Are you kidding me?

10. Baby Koala in a Blanket

Why It Matters: This Koala’s name is Einstein. Not playin’. We don’t know if he’s come up with a quantum theory of gravity yet, but he’s friggin’ cute!

11. Check Out the Talons on This Koala

Why It Matters: Did I just write “talons” with Koala? I must have violated some rule about Koala posts. Sorry. This Koala’s adorable!

12. Surprise Koala

Why It Matters: Because a baby Koala lives in this other Koala’s hair. That’s ridiculous.

13. Why Do All Koalas Look Surprised?

Why It Matters: Seriously, change it up guys. We’ve seen this look before.

14. Kissing Koalas

Why It Matters: That’s more like it. Doing human-like things as Koalas is pretty dope.

15. Doesn’t-Use-Conditioner Koala

Why It Matters: Killer flyaways there, frizzboy. Might want to consider a cream rinse. Just sayin’.

16. The Koala Who Started the Emo Movement

Why It Matters: Oh c’mon, dude. Don’t look at us like that. How about a tickle? No? Hey, this Koala just bit the fugg out of my finger!

17. Consider Trimming Your Earhair Koala

Why It Matters: And whatever you just ate, it’s still around your lips. Might want to discover napkins.

18. Dude, Get a Jerb

Why It Matters: Seriously starting to hate Koalas. This one sleeps all day. Probably smokes dope and raids his friends’ fridges for Eucalyptus munchies.

19. Oh, Sure, Now You’re on Vacay Koala

Why It Matters: This Koala is a postcard model and probably makes more than I do blogging for a “probably accurate” “local newspaper.”

20. Koalas Starting to Look Like Bats

Why It Matters: Is it just me or are these guys a set of wings away from being the furriest vampire bats ever?

21. Incredibly Frizzy Koalas

Why It Matters: Check out the staticky hair on the top guy hitching a ride on his friend here. That’s insanely frizzy.

22. When Koalas Stare, For Some Reason They Look Wise

Why It Matters: Pretty sure these guys can stare right into your soul and see your problems. It’s like they’re saying, “We know, dude, we know.”

23. This Koala Lives on the Edge

Why It Matters: There’s always one Koala that drinks Red Bull by the case and snorts liters of amyl nitrate. This guy.

24. Dumbfounded Koala

Why It Matters: It’s like the Katy Perry of the Koala world just walked by without her top. Tuck that jaw in, pal.

25. Hang in There, Koala

Why It Matters: This Koala doesn’t even know he’s a cliche.

26. Watching Koala

Why It Matters: Something interesting just happened. Maybe Jack is getting his ass kicked again.

27. Koala Selfie!

Why It Matters: Inevitability.

28. That’s Crazy Cute

Why It Matters: This Koala is snoozing in the daytime… on a tree. Whatever, Koala.

29. Shocked!

Why It Matters: Again, these guys are surprised about something.

30. Good Lord, That’s Cute

Why It Matters: Okay, who can hate Koalas? They’re soft and cuddly… wow.

31. Holy Crap!

Why It Matters: One giant snaggle-toothed nightmare comin’ right up!

32. That’s Way Too Suggestive, Pal

Why It Matters: Not sure what this Koala is thinking about, but I’ll be moving on…

33. Rubens Koala

Why It Matters: This Koala’s pose is disturbing.

34. Koala Close-Up

Why It Matters: Ahh! This Koala is just popping in to say hi, while scaring the bejeezus out of everybody.

35. Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer Koala

Why It Matters: Okay, this tiny Koala is precious. Not dancing, still precious.

36. Gawd, These Koala Pics are Making Me Sleepy

Why It Matters: Somebody needs to find a cure for Koala narcolepsy. Koalas got issues.

37. Koala Riding a Dog

Why It Matters: Koala. Dog. Amaze.

38. Freeze Koala

Why It Matters: This Koala thinks he’s done something wrong and we’re the Koala police. Relax, bro. We don’t care about your Js.

39. Smug Koala

Why It Matters: How does this dude look smug and chillaxed at the same time?

40. Koalapocalypse

Why It Matters: More Koalas. Yay.

41. This Koala’s Kinda Cute

Why It Matters: Another Koala who looks kind of like a bat with his weird-looking mom.

42. Oh Snap, Koala Drinking Milk!

Why It Matters: Man, this Koala’s living the good life.

43. Huggy Koala

Why It Matters: Majestic, disurbed, and irreverent all at once.

44. Yeah, What of It?

Why It Matters: These Koalas are obviously from Jersey.

45. The Koala Who Inspired the Ewoks in Jedi

Why It Matters: Lucas might have been looking at Koalas when he spawned the idea of putting creatures into movies just so he can sell merch to gullible youngsters.

46. WTF, That’s Cute

Why It Matters: Who wouldn’t do this if he had a chance?

47. Searchlight Koala

Why It Matters: You’re not busted, little fella. Carry on with whatever it is you were doing…

48. Fuzzy Koala Bear

Why It Matters: Because… fuzz.

49. Koala Modeling for Stuffed Animals

Why It Matters: Contact Interpol – they need to shut down these Koala bear sweatshops for stuffed animal models.

50. Winking Koala

Why It Matters: Dude knows what’s up.

51. Sleepy Stretchy Koala

Why It Matters: This Koala’s been looking at too many cat pictures.

52. Rescued Koala

Why It Matters: This baby Koala was rescued and was given medical care. That is sweet.

53. Fluffy Hugs


Why It Matters: Koalas know how to stay warm and cozy by giving each other lots of hugs.

54. Implied Eyeroll Koala

Why It Matters: The master mean-mugger looks extremely cynical about this post.

55. Catching a Cab Koala

Why It Matters: Koalas apparently double as taxis in the wild.

56. Cheesy Grin Koala

Why It Matters: This guy is almost half the Seven Dwarves – happy, sleepy and dopey.

57. Majestic Koalas

Why It Matters: Koalas are a mystery of the animal world – both extremely cute and majestic. Alright, show’s over.

58. Furriest Koala Ever!!!

Why It Matters: Because… fur.

59. Kissy Poo Koalas

Why It Matters: These Koalas just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Rock on, old fellers.

60. So-Furry-It’s-Not-Even-Right Koala

Why It Matters: OMG!!!

61. Satisfied Koalas

Why It Matters: What more could a Koala want??

62. Hands Off, She’s Mine

Why It Matters: Dude, chillax. We cool? Cool.

63. Son of Rescue Koala

Why It Matters: The peeps who patch these injured Koalas up have hearts of gold.

64. Baby Koala Loves His Stuffed Mama

Why It Matters: Who said Koalas were smart? This one thinks this stuffed toy is its mommy. Just kidding – this is adorable.

65. Possessive Koala

Why It Matters:  Mine, mine, mine. Is that all you Koalas think about? Still adorable.

66. Training for Aussie Bobsled Team

Why It Matters: Still didn’t beat Team Jamaica. Better luck next time, fellas.

67. This Fuggin’ Guy.

Why It Matters: No comment.

68. Windswept Look Koala

Why It Matters: Hey, your photomodeling career was about ten years ago. You can put that look away. Now.

69. So Furry It’s Unbelievable

Why It Matters: This gal’s got fur for days.

70. Conga Line Koalas

Why It Matters: These guys were doing the Conga before it was kinda cool.

71. Piggyback Koala

Why It Matters: Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not polite to stare?

72. This Dude Looks Like an Extra from the Dark Crystal

Why It Matters: Henson studios ringing? No, this Koala’s not available for booking.

73. Charming Koala

Why It Matters: Just found out Ben Affleck is next to play Batman.

74. Superwise Koala Has Huge Claws

Why It Matters:  Keep forgetting that you’re not supposed to write words like “claws” in the same sentence as “Koala.”

75. Tree Hugger

Why It Matters: Koalas aren’t just cute, they’re environmentally friendly.

76. Pillow Rider Koala

Why It Matters: This guy’s hiding behind some leaves. We can totally see you.

77. Narcissist Koala 

Why It Matters: Koala’s not only posing for the camera, he’s sticking his tongue out.

78. Alright, These Koalas Just Captured My Heart

Why It Matters: One of the best hugs yet.

79. Yup, That’s a Camera

Why It Matters: Thinks he can take pics better than the photographer. Leave it to the pros, pal.

80. This Koala is Really Mellow

Why It Matters: Whatever it is, this Koala doesn’t care. He’s trying to nap.

81. Smooshy Face Koalas

Why It Matters: I don’t know where this little Koala is, but I’m in the market to adopt. Okay, not really. Def cute, though.

82. Lounge Koala

Why It Matters: Koala is stretching while he sleeps on a tree. Nice.

83. Shoe Hugger Koala

Why It Matters: It’s okay, you can hug her shoe.

84. Soooooo Sleepy

Why It Matters: These furry little guys can sleep anywhere.

85. Watching You

Why It Matters: What’s up with the staring?

86. Koala Who Thinks He’s a Bunny

Why It Matters: Stick to one animal species, alright buddy?

87. Koalas Know How to Combine Multiple Emotions in One Pic Making It Hard to Describe Them

Why It Matters: I think this one’s just messing with me.

88. Sleeping Fluffball

Why It Matters: Thanks, bro. High five.

89. Cheesiest Koala Expression Ever

Why It Matters: Adorable. Contrived, but adorable.

90. The Koala Everyone Loves to Hang With

Why It Matters: This guy’s like the George Wendt of the Koala kingdom – everybody wants him around at Happy Hour.

91. Teeny Tiny Eyed Koalas

Why It Matters: They’re furry as all get out, but your eyes are eerily small. And stop with the staring.

92. Fluffmeister

Why It Matters: While small, this Koala hits above his weight in the cuteness category.

93. Ridiculously Sleepy Koala

Why It Matters: Dude, get a room. You’re making us all sleepy.

94. Heads Up

Why It Matters: Koalas love this pose. Pretty darn cute.

95. Hey, There Sunshine!

Why It Matters: This Koala is super-chipper. What’s in that latte, pal?

96. Get Out, Trying to Take a Bath Heeeeyahhh

Why It Matters: This little dirtball needs some privacy. Sorry, guy, we were just leaving.

97. Smiley Little-Eyed Koala

Why It Matters: Cute and little eyes. Take that, Disney.

98. Old Koala Looks Like Gandalf

Why It Matters: I see a resemblance.

99. Wholey Moley, Koala is Krazy Kute

Why It Matters: This Koala’s so cute it should be illegal.

100. Seriously, 100 Koalas?

Why It Matters: Yeah, man. 100 Koalas.

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