11 Redacted Parts of Damning FBI Report on Hillary Clinton That are Making Americans Go ‘Hmmm’…

It’s Friday, it’s Labor Day weekend, and in D.C. that means the release of damning reports the American public is likely to forget after a few sun-soaked days of chowing down on brats and swigging lagers.

But with Hillary Clinton’s approval ratings dropping faster than Colin Kaepernick after seeing the American flag, the release of a FBI report and interview notes, both highly redacted, are certainly not going to help the presidential candidate.

The following are 11 highly redacted sections of the FBI report on Hillary Clinton that are making people curious about what more there is to the presidential hopeful’s story.

1. The First Page


2. ‘Technically Probably Classified’


3. A Potential Hacker


4. Outside the U.S.

5. About Her Blackberry


6. Sorry, 13 Burnberries Blackberries

7. Drones

8. Hillary Clinton’s Birthday

9. One of Her Lawyers

10. The Summary Review

11. Fourteen. Straight. Pages.


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