11 Times Donald Trump (Now, President Trump) Got Twitter Right

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump loves Twitter. During his campaign he used social media to interact with the American people, and after moving into the White House he’s relied on it to “set the record straight” about “fake news.”

While many of Trump’s tweets during the campaign season range from talking about Obama’s “manhood” to speaking out on “Twilight” actors’ sex lives to chatting about fat people drinking Diet Coke (in addition to his numerous taunts, boasts, and cryptic warnings), the new president has occasionally gotten Twitter right.

Here are some times when Pres. Trump has also sent dignified messages that are entirely appropriate for social media.

After circuit judges ruled in favor of suspending the president’s executive order on immigration, he highlighted a ruling that’s not getting much coverage: 

With six months left to campaign, the future president reminded Americans that Memorial Day is more than just a long weekend: 

He sent a hopeful message to small business owners who still believe in the “American dream”: 

After his Virginia Military Townhall, he showed his gratitude for America’s service members and veterans: 

Trump honored the victims of Pearl Harbor and vowed to not let the flame of the torch of freedom be extinguished: 

He also paid tribute to the March on Washington and acknowledged the “enduring fight” for equality:

He showed support for his wife and highlighted that they’d have a partnership in the White House with his use of the word, “we”: 

And expressed gratitude for his family:  

Then, when he was officially declared the winner, he accurately called out the media for their inaccuracies: 

And used real events to highlight the media’s double standard: 

After winning the election, Trump used a message of unity to assure Americans he will help everyone, not just his voters:

President Trump has used his Twitter to forge a personal connection with his followers, clarify matters he feels have been misrepresented, and successfully market his key policies and strengths.

That’s doing Twitter the right way, and let’s hope to see more of it.

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