When 150 Women Refused To Be ISIS’ Sex Brides, The Terrorists Made a Horrifying Example Out of Them

As the Islamic State continues its merciless campaign of terror across the Middle East, they are forcing thousands of women into sex slavery and marriage. But not just that – they’re ripping away the childhood of many girls, with some jihadist brides reportedly as young as 14.

Not so surprisingly, when 150 women (mostly of the Yazidi faith) refused to enter into marriage with the bloodthirsty killers, ISIS responded in the most heinous way. According to the Anadolu Agency:

According to a ministry statement released Tuesday, ISIS militants carried out a number of attacks in Fallujah and buried the victims in mass graves in one of the city’s neighborhoods.

“At least 150 females, including pregnant women, were executed in Fallujah by a militant named Abu Anas al-Libi after they refused to accept jihad marriage,” the statement said. “Many families were also forced to migrate from the province’s northern town of al-Wafa after hundreds of residents received death threats.”

In addition, ISIS published in its English propaganda magazine Dabiq that it sees nothing wrong with taking Yazidis as sex slaves because they are viewed as “unbelievers and infidels.”

To make matters worse, the Islamic State is targeting impressionable girls online in the same manner as human traffickers and sexual predators.

They invite the girls to area controlled by ISIS terrorists by promising money and comfort. Then, as can be evidenced by the case of two Austrian teenagers who fled to Syria…

Image Credit: English.Alarabiya

the girls eventually realize it’s a literal hell on earth and want to come back home.

Clearly, the real “war on women” is happening in Syria and Iraq. And ISIS isn’t showing any signs of abandoning their venomous ideology or inhumane behavior towards those who refuse to submit to their total-control terrorist state.

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