2 Women Protest at Trump’s NY Polling Spot—Let’s Just Say They Wanted to Pull Off More Than a Hillary Win

Voters who were at a certain Manhattan polling place this morning reported nothing unusual about their experience.

The lines moved along quickly, the volunteers were helpful and friendly, and the naked women were yelling loud enough for everyone to hear.

Wait, what?

Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter

Video that surfaced from this morning’s voting location at 233 E. 56th Street shows two women, naked from the waist up, angrily shouting anti-Trump slogans—at the same polling station where Trump will be voting later today.

The two birthday-suit-clad activists, who represent feminist political group Femen, were shouting “Out of our polls, Trump, out of our polls, Trump!”


Femen has staged this sort of protest before. In fact, on its website, the group describe itself as an “international women’s movement of brave topless female activists painted with the slogans and crowned with flowers.”

The protest didn’t last more than a minute before police escorted the two out of the building.

But one of the protesters got the last word by shouting somewhat nonsensically:

“Trump! Get out of your b*lls!”

The women were clad only in jeans and had words scrawled on their bodies in black marker, one with “Trump” written across her collarbone and the other with “O/FEMEN USA” written on her back.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter

In spite of the chaos the protesters tried to engender, the room remained calm and courteous.

Some voters pretended not to notice the two girls at all.

The pair were charged with electioneering and were booked at a nearby precinct. They have not been identified to the public yet.

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