Yale Students Spit on ‘Free Speech’ Advocates, Literally

The Ivy League university students want “safe spaces” – but not for conservatives, of course.

Oh, Yale: That august university of intrepid thought, perched aloft the shining hills of academe, which guides our eye with luminescent vision, enlightening all who countenance its idyllic grandeur.

Just kidding. Yale is increasingly turning into a shelter for spoiled rich kids who wither at the prospect of deliberating on an unwelcome thought.

Campus Reform brings our attention to a “free speech” rally at Yale that incited a protest among students who instead prefer a “safe space” free from undesirable thought.

The publication reports:

Students at Yale University are reacting with outrage to the suggestion that freedom of expression trumps their sensitivities, allegedly even spitting on attendees at a free speech rally.

During a conference on “The Future of Free Speech” Friday evening hosted by the William F. Buckley, Jr. Program at Yale, student activists became incensed by a comment made by one of the speakers that was posted on social media, leading them to converge on the auditorium in an effort to disrupt the event, The Yale Daily News reports.

The disruption was prompted by a remark from Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) and a speaker at the conference, who said, “[l]ooking at the reaction to [Silliman College Associate Master] Erika Christakis’ email, you would have thought someone wiped out an entire Indian village.”

The reference to wiping out “an Indian village” was a jab at Yale University for its email warning about “offensive” Halloween costumes, which came due to student protests.

The incidents are a stark demonstration that leftists at Yale, Missouri, and Ithaca College are less concerned about creating a “safe space” for dissenting thought than enforcing their views in their “communities.”

It isn’t the first time Yale has been in the news for being hostile to free speech, as students last year protested anti-Islam activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

This hysterical and even violent hostility to “offensive” speech isn’t conducive to equal rights or free thought – which are rights of all human beings, and therefore, not up for vote by the student body.

What do you think?

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