Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to the Senate Judiciary Committee today:

"I was the federal prosecutor for the Southern District of Alabama, and we aggressively went after those who were found with guns in their possession during the commission of crimes. To this day, that district has the highest rate of federal gun prosecutions of anywhere in the country, and I am convinced that we sent a message to criminals.

We saw a decline in the violent crime rate as a result. Under the Obama Administration, prosecution of criminals for gun crimes has fallen significantly. So they are pushing for new laws to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans while failing to do the one thing that will truly save lives: going after criminals for gun crimes."

This goes to the heart of the gun control and immigration reform debates: why should Congress pass new laws when the ones already on the books are being selectively enforced by the administration? The Congress should insist on compliance before sweeping new laws are passed.