Mother of five Anna Moorehead wrote this letter to President Obama to thank him for the Affordable Care Act, but don't worry - it's not the cordial type of message you typically see in a thank you note:

Dear President Obama and the American People,

As I lay down last night, the final night of 2013, the anxiety that had been building up inside of me almost overwhelmed me. It was probably from spending the entire day trying to wade my way through the Affordable Care Act that promised so much, but in the end has left my family in a nightmare. I knew that when I woke up the next morning, my family of 7 including my 5 precious children ages 5 to almost 16 would no longer have health insurance and there was no one to help me figure out what to do about it.

Today I would like to say thank you to President Barak Obama and those in Washington that have done nothing to repeal this nightmare. This process has shown me clearly where I stand, where our country stands, and sir where you and this corrupt government stand. You see truth has a way of changing a person. You have pulled the wool over the eyes of many in our country, but the hard times we face due to your failed policies will begin will unleash the truth of your agenda and the lies that you have fed to the people of the United States.

The following is the story about my families experience signing up for Obama Care. As the year came closer to an end I had to begin facing the changes that would come with the Affordable Care Act. I am someone with pre-existing illnesses and the current health care system has been somewhat of a struggle for me. 2013 brought a victory in that arena as for the first time in several years I was able to get health insurance along with my family. Then we received our letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Al. Our insurance would increase from $350 a month to $881 per month. I knew that we struggle to pay our $350 premiums…how would we ever afford the increased cost?

After talking with our insurance company, they informed me that I might be able to qualify for a subsidy and I could keep private insurance, but the government would pay for a portion of it. I was told for example the policy you have now the premium has increased if you meet the qualifications under the Marketplace you might be able to pay close to the same premium and the government would pay the difference. This perplexed me. Why in the world would the government spend the tax payer’s hard earned money to help me purchase a product I am already paying for myself…it made no sense? I decided to fill out application and see just where we were and what options we had. I must admit it felt as if I was signing over my life, but what choice was there? I felt very disheartened. Why when I was able to pay for my insurance was I being made to go onto this program? Now even that seemed out of my reach.

I am asking you to please look at the facts. What is the state of the Union? Are we better off then when you took office? To the American people, are you better off than you were before? Please Washington wake up and see that the people you swore to serve and the Constitution that you were to uphold is under attack. You are waging a war against the very people you serve. Why? You have forgotten who you are. You were elected by the people of the United States to protect our rights and yet you threaten them. As you bicker over petty politics, the people are the ones paying the price. Wake up Washington…the American people don’t need you to fix all their problems they need to get out of the way. Our Constitution is not the problem…you are!! We don’t need more and more laws to fix America…The problem isn’t republican or democrat…the problem is Washington itself and all the corruption.

Your attempt at control in the end will be your down fall. As people lose their freedom, they will also begin to understand its value. As we find ourselves having to deal with things like government health care, common core, and all other aspects of the nanny sate we will also be forced to decide what side we are on. Do we truly want to be free or do we want to just become a slave to whoever is in control and do as we are told. So instead of waiting in a line to receive my hand out tomorrow and taking on my role as a good little slave to the governmental system that is oppressing it’s people, I will instead bow my head to my heavenly father, join hands with my friends and family, and I will tell my story to those who will listen.

We the people own this country, not you Mr. President or any other political party. This is a free country where we are free to make our own choices and stand up for what we believe is right. As your prized Affordable Care Act begins to show its true purpose and others begin to wake up, you will long for the day when ordinary people would just sit down and shut up and do as they are told. That is not going to happen here. The line in the sand has been drawn between those who value freedom and those who want to control others and those that fear them.


Anna Morehead

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