The media continues to assure us that everything is fixed with Obamacare now that the website works slightly better, but Americans are experiencing new and different problems with Obama's program.

And they're tweeting about it. Here are some I was able to find.

No, you still can't keep your doctor:


Some are being denied medical care:



It's even hurting people who aren't even ON Obamacare:

Wasn't Obamacare supposed to shore up preventative care to save costs?


Doctors refusing to see Medicaid patients:

Website glitches preventing people from seeing a doctor:

Students working to become doctors are reconsidering:


Doctors quitting:


Higher premiums and higher costs:



Just search for “prescriptions” and “Obamacare”:

And always the interminable waiting:

He doesn't too popular:

These are just from the first few days of Obamacare implementation. Some might dismiss these stories as possibly being exaggerated, but I saw many more negative tweets against Obamacare than positive ones.

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