I can see where Liberals would possibly try to poke a few holes in some of these reasons, but can you really find any reason why this isn't generally accurate? This transcript comes from Buzzfeed...

BECKEL: “What makes him such a leftist? For those of us on the left, he’s not that left.”


ERIC BOILLING: “Bailouts. Taxes. Regulation”

GUTFELD: “Redistribution. His friends. Palling around with terrorists. I will never forgive him for that.”

ANDREA TANTAROS: “Downplaying American exceptionalism.”

BOILLING: “You didn’t build that. Uh, we’re gonna spread the wealth around.”

PERINO: “Enemies.”

BOILLING: “We’re gonna bankrupt the coal industry. Other than that, he’s, you know..”

GUTFELD: “Pipeline. Global warming.”