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7 Charming Photos of George W. Bush That Will Make You Miss Him Even More


Since he left the White House, President George W. Bush has been enjoying life - and helping others along the way.

#1 - Sharing a round of golf with a soldier wounded in service:


#2 - Proudly showing Hillary Clinton his post-presidential paintings as they ride Air Force One after Nelson Mandela's funeral:

air force one showing hillary clinton pictures of his post-presidency paintings, taken by White House photographer Pete Souza

#3 - Spending quality time with Mila, his first grandchild:


#4 - Another adorable shot with his granddaughter:

Posing with his first grandchild, Mila, on Grandparents Day.

#5 - Dancing with veteran Melissa Stockwell at a reception he hosted to honor wounded soldiers: 

annual bbq at ranch wounded warrior from other pic

#6 - Volunteering during a humanitarian trip to Zambia:


#7 - Reaching out to this precious little girl during his Zambia trip:


As you can see, Bush has been living life to the fullest since he left office. We wish him a satisfying post-presidency, and we thank him for his continued commitment to service.

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