For years, some hard-hearted conservatives, including myself, have made fun of the president for the infamous “mom jeans” incident. Now it looks like the ObamaCare people are embracing it to pressure young people to buy government healthcare. This is... pretty lame.

In the newest “re-branding” of the Obamacare debacle, the infinite wisdom of the administration has chosen that moms will be their next target, and they're going to bait their healthcare hook with some good old-fashioned frumpy mompants!

Now the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – the lead agency tasked with implementing the ACA – is looking for word-of-mouth publicity with a new digital campaign it hopes will get people buzzing. If the mom jeans photo doesn’t do it, perhaps the “MOM” tattoo pic' will.
obamacare-mompants obamacare-mom-tattoo

I mean, seriously? These look like photoshops I'd make up to MOCK Obamacare!!

What are these people thinking? It's like they're going through each caricature that conservatives have of liberals and confirming each one with their pathetic attempts at marketing! Remember Pajama-Boy?

The “Brosurance” and related ads about women were so bad they even offended college students who thought liberals were making them seem sex-crazed and shallow! And who can forgetThe Life of Julia that showed how women can be liberated from their own individualism and tie themselves to the ever-expanding paternalistic teat of government.

I can't wait to see what memes and photoshops conservative twitter comes up with to rightfully deride this latest excuse for a marketing gimmick.

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