Every year, prior to Valentine's Day, the Vermont Teddy Bear Co. runs commercials advising guys that the most romantic present in the world - the best gift a love-struck guy can give his girl - is a teddy bear.

This year's ad features “Big Hunka Love Bear.” Big Hunka is 4½ feet tall, and the company says he's “stuffed with more than enough love to last a lifetime.”

Hey, giving your girl a cute little teddy bear for Valentine’s Day could be a sweet thing to do, but, here’s the deal: it’s the way these ads are put together that causes the creep-out: the girl grabbing a ruler to measure how big Big Hunka is?

Or, the way the girl cuddles up to him while dressed in a nightie that looks like it came from Victoria’s Secret? Heck, my wife loves teddy bears and she even thinks these ads are creepy.

Besides, dudes, what if Big Hunka were to put the moves on the love of your life and steal her away from you? Talk about a bummer Valentine’s Day. Not to mention a huge hit to the male ego, right?

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H/T: HuffPo

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