Child star Shirley Temple, all grown up at the age of 85 as Shirley Temple Black, passed away late at night on February 10th and the left-wing got wind of the fact that she was *gasp* - a Republican.

These tweets are truly indicative of the depth of rage leftists have for those whom they consider their political enemies. Feel free to shake your head at some of these real doozies:

You learned on Wikipedia that she was a Republican, and that was the saddest part of her death?

Have another Martini, Rick.

Nasty, Nate.

Unlike you, the brain surgeon who moonlights as a Twitter provocateur.

No, let's keep the foreigners. Ship the idiots.

Boy, these folks sure are class acts.

I'm guessing we could subtract your IQ from Shirley Temple Black's and still make bus fare. Next.

Nothing says “choice” like ramming through a national healthcare law with a mandate over full party opposition.

Oh no, they weren't done yet. There are a few more saved as screenshots, and you can get those on Twitchy. But you get the point, the left will hate on anyone whom they perceive as their political enemies - even an adorable child star who just passed away after a long life making people happy.

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