There's plenty of reasons why Americans should be wary of the new “Common Core” curriculum, but sometimes the right picture will say more than words can. That's the case with this harrowing picture gone viral:


The photo was posted on the Facebook page of the mother of the girl:

I’m a photographer. This is my daughter…and this is the first photo of her that I have ever hated. #commoncore published the rest of the details about the photograph from the girl’s mother, Kelly Poynter:

I am a photographer, a hobby farmer, a child advocate and a mother of 3 elementary-aged children. This is my middle child in the photo … she is 7 and is in 2nd grade. My kindergartner and my 4th grader were already finished with their homework and had left the table. I had brought my camera in to work on my white balance skills while shooting in low light as I had a session the next morning to prep for.

After checking her work, I had found 2 math problems were incorrect. I tried to help her understand where she went wrong through her process but I don’t understand it myself and was not much help.

I told her to forget about it and we’d try again tomorrow but she became very upset that she could not get the answer and kept trying and trying to fix it. She is hard on herself as she very much wants to excel in school and not be pulled for extra help all of the time.

…My daughter is incredibly strong.  My daughter is a 4-year cancer survivor.  She is a fighter with a resilient spirit.  It crushes me to see her cry; to see her struggle.  My daughter deserves a happy childhood.

Wow. It's hard to read that and not wonder if this is the kind of curriculum we want to foist on the children of America when the educational system is working so poorly already.

When asked to address these concerns, National Education Association secretary Arne Duncan dismissed the objections as coming from “white suburban moms.” What does race have to do with education? We would hope nothing. Jeb Bush, who is also an advocate of Common Core, characterized opposition to the specific set of educational standards as “purely political.”

But parents all over America are feeling the ill effects the Common Core curriculum, and many are taking to social media to document the labyrinthine lessons that even adults cannot decipher. Common Core undermines parent choice by imposing top-down standards that perpetuate the siphoning of parental and local control of education towards the federal government.

While lowering the bar on what “college readiness” means, CC emphasizes “out of the box” reasoning to solving problems, but confuses children with multiple ways of solving simple problems, leading to a lot of frustration, as suggested by the powerful image above.

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