There are so many bad features of Obamacare we were mislead on that we're going to have come up for a euphemism for lying - maybe the administration is “truth impaired”? “Honesty-challenged?”

The latest comes from just one industry reporting how many jobs were lost because of the medical device tax that was included in the bill in order to raise money to pay for its poorly designed ponzi scheme:

The Advanced Medical Technology Association surveyed its members to determine the number of lost jobs since the 2.3 percent excise tax on medical devices took effect in January 2013, raising about $3.8 billion a year to help pay for ObamaCare.

The survey found that nearly a third of respondents had cut research and development because of the tax, and almost 10 percent had moved manufacturing abroad.

The job losses were put at about 14,000, with another 19,000 openings that were left unfilled.

But wait didn't Kathleen Sebelius say that, “there is absolutely no evidence . . . that there is any job loss related to the ­Affordable Care Act”? Yeah, sounds pretty “honesty-impaired” to me.

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