An Oklahoma woman says that because of ObamaCare, her husband lost his health insurance — and almost his life. He has also racked up more than $100,000 in hospital bills since his coverage was cancelled.

Due to Affordable Care Act provisions, Laura Hubbs' employer informed her and her co-workers that it could no longer afford to pay premiums for spouses. The premiums for individual coverage for Laura's husband Lenny were too high for the couple to afford. Lenny was now uninsured.

Mr. Hubbs was recently released from the hospital after an ordeal that cost him part of one of his lungs, more than $100,000 in hospital bills and almost his life. Doctors had diagnosed Lenny with pneumonia and told him his lungs were filling with blood.

Without coverage, Lenny and his wife believe they did not receive proper care at two different hospitals; he sat at one hospital for nine days where Laura says the doctors did nothing. The couple ultimately demanded that Lenny be transferred to a different hospital where half of one of his lungs was removed. Doctors told him the removal was necessary due to the time his lung had been filled with blood.

So, while Barack Obama trots out examples of how ObamaCare is helping millions of Americans, and Harry Reid tells us that every “horror story” we hear about ObamaCare is a lie, real-life people like Lenny Hubbs continue to come forward with real-life stories of the devastating effect ObamaCare has already had on their lives. Thankfully, Lenny still has a life to live.

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