If anyone out there is thinking about wearing a fake Army uniform, you might want to watch this NSFW video to save yourself some embarrassment.

An unidentified man was publicly confronted by Army Veteran Kristopher Vieira and an ex-Army Ranger for wearing an E-8 rank and Ranger, E.O.D. and 101st Airborne tabs.

The cellphone video shows the raw emotion that can erupt from a military veteran who perceives someone smearing the honor and memory of those who died wearing the uniform. It contains harsh language.

According to Oliver Darcy of The Blaze, the confrontation arose at San Joaquin Delta College in California. After an argument about the proper wearing of a Ranger uniform, Vieira's acquaintance blasts the guy:

“I had four brothers die with this f***in’ Ranger tab on their arm. I would appreciate it if you took that off.”

After the situation escalates, the vets are asked to leave the man in the military gear alone. The man in a dark shirt with Vieira responds with an explosive answer why he is telling him to take the uniform off:

“Because I am a United States f***in’ Ranger and this guy is not. I had four brothers who died with this goddamn tab on their arms. And he’s wearing it and he never earned that motherf***er. That’s why.”

If anyone is thinking about wearing a military uniform in public in order to be ironic, gain attention, or get unearned respect: Just don't. Military veterans take that very personally, as do a lot of other Americans. And you might not walk away so easily like this young man did.

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