Kristina Chesterman, a 21-year-old nursing student from California, was struck and killed by a drunk driver last year. However, she was an organ donor, and through her donations she saved the lives of at least four people.

A woman saved by Kristina’s heart, Susan Vieria, 64, reached out to Kristina’s family to thank them for their daughter’s selfless decision to be an organ donor. To show her gratitude, Susan vowed to fulfill Kristina’s bucket list, as long as Kristina’s heart beats in her chest and she is physically able.

Kristina’s mother told Susan that some of the items on Kristina’s bucket list included learning how to fly a plane, riding a camel, traveling, running through a poppy field, and flying in a hot-air balloon. Friends have also begun doing things on Kristina’s bucket list, such as skydiving and flying first class.

As Susan fully recovers from her surgery in order to embark on her mission, she says, “‘Kristina’s waiting there to advise me.” Through the donation of her heart, both Kristina and Susan are getting a second chance at life.

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