Students are fed up with the meager portion sizes and bland taste of Michelle Obama-mandated school lunches. They've stunned their parents and the rest of America with pictures like this:


Now, some Texas teens are taking it a step further. The students, who are part of their high school's Turning Point USA chapter, are launching a #LunchMovement with one simple message: “No More, Mrs. Obama.”

They want students across the country to join them by tweeting the hashtag #lunchmovement with pictures of their disappointing school lunches.

The Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act has been in effect for a few years now. Yet, it seems to have done just the opposite of its stated intent.

Kids aren't getting enough to eat thanks to the law's stringent requirements; others are skipping lunch altogether because it tastes so bad. What's more, obesity among school-aged children is still on the rise.

By this point, it should be clear that Michelle's school lunch law needs to be reviewed. It's a good idea to make healthy food options available to our kids, but not in a manner that actually forces them to go hungry. 

Check out #LunchMovement on Twitter if you want to help these kids take a stand.

These Pictures Of School Lunches Will Show You Exactly Why Kids Are Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s Diet

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