A day rarely goes by without some sort of news or official statement about the difficulty and challenges of the Keystone Pipeline.  Last week, the Obama administration yet-again delayed the decision to move forward with it. Yesterday, DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz appeared on television to defend this decision. And of course, it's been a discussion item for over five years.

So, why is there such controversy? It's over 1,000 miles long and will cover several states. Take a look at this graphic from our friends at the Washington Free Beacon that shows the pipeline's proposed location and size:




You'll be forgiven if you accept the narrative that it will be potentially destructive and harmful. It's understandable if you look at this graph and conclude that it indeed is a big deal...

Until you look at a graphic that shows the existing pipelines, all 2.3 million miles of them, that carry oil, gas, and chemicals each and every day:




Now do you get it? The Keystone Pipeline would represent a .04% increase in U.S. pipelines. That's 4/100ths of 1%, a comparison identical to 2 feet versus 1 mile, or 1 teaspoon compared to 3 1/4 gallons.

Of course, we should build the pipeline. It should have been built years ago. The next time anyone questions the wisdom of it, use these graphs and these comparisons to educate them.

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H/T Larry O'Connor

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