New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio wants your soda to be small. Attorneys for the city are going to appeal last year's decision on the matter in a hearing that will occur on June 4th. Last year, a judge ruled that Mayor Michael Bloomberg needed City Council approval to enact the soda ban and the issue has been dormant ever since.

It's not really a surprise, as he did say during his election campaign that banning large sugary drinks is “an important part of any public health agenda.” He further added that he would accept City Council legislation instead of the Health Department regulation that Bloomberg sought.

Of course it would be better to have a ban like this be the result of an edict. That's the new American way: unelected bureaucrats commanding acceptable behavior.

DeBlasio is also making other efforts for the good of those that elected him to tell them precisely how they should live. These include e-cigarette bans, calorie-count postings at restaurants, banning the Central Park horse-drawn carriages, and forbidding any new wood-burning fireplaces.

Stay tough, New Yorkers! And don't forget to say nite-nite to your Nanny!

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