Harry Reid just got a lesson in how his abject hypocrisy looks to just about every informed, fair-minded person in the country. This is the leader of the Democrat-controlled Senate, folks, and he wants to push a Constitutional amendment that bans money from politics.

Well, except for the right kind of money. Ideologically pure money. Left-wing money. Like the kind given by billionaire Tom Steyer, who profits off of carbon fuels, yet wants to block the Keystone Pipeline XL. A little about the Democrats' money man:

  • “Billionaire Tom Steyer has rapidly become one of America's most visible environmental advocates, vowing to punish lawmakers who oppose climate change action and pledging to spend up to $100 million to put the issue center stage in the November 4 elections.” (Reuters)
  • “Fortune built on Asian coal: It turns out that much of Steyer's wealth is the fruit of immensely profitable investments in development of Indonesian and Australian coal.” (Washington Examiner)
  • Forbes estimates the former hedge fund manager is worth $1.5 billion. He has used that fortune to advance his anti-oil, anti-coal, and climate-concerned political agenda.” (Washington Free Beacon)
  • Steyer has poured that money into the American political system, bankrolling congressional and gubernatorial campaigns and hosting fundraisers for President Barack Obama.” (Washington Free Beacon)
  • “[Tom Steyer]  just last month pledged $50 million to support candidates opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline, but... has investments in both a competing pipeline venture and “green energy” companies as well.” (IJReview)


Then again, why should we question any billionaire giving money to the Democratic Party? It's not like the “party of good intentions” could be fleecing the American people any way it can for political gain. Could it?

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