San Francisco is famous for its liberalism and oftentimes crazy culture; the “what happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom” chant is the city's de facto tag line. But what about in the garage? Is that room subject to the same appeals to privacy and self-determination?

Turns out, it is not.

According to city code 603, storing anything but a car in a garage can result in a $500 fine.

The irony of this staggers the mind. It's the groovy city of freedom, baby; the town where liberty and fighting “the man” and public nudity are assumed. But residents are forbidden to keep anything beyond their Prius automobile in there.

Given the proclivities of the typical resident of the City by the Bay, this has implications beyond just the elimination of a place to keep extra junk.

It means no bicycles in the garage, for the exercise or carbon-footprint obsessed; no recycling bins or cans, for the planet-saving concerned; no hydroponic equipment, for those that grow their own, um, medicine; no Grateful Dead album collections nor precious collectibles from the Monterey Pop Festival; and no banners or posters, for this weekend's protest march.

Does anyone get the feeling that the left is just using the government to shake people down, at this point? It certainly seems like silly laws like this are just as much about revenue collection as they are a concern for tidiness.

What is the actual “injustice” or “social harm” in putting stuff in your garage? Acquisition of excess stuff is a great American pastime, so it may be that simple: the powers that be want to discourage residents from doing stuff that everyone else in the U.S. does on a daily basis.

It could be asserted that this is liberalism run amuck, an example of how progressives like to dictate and control even the smallest minutiae of the lives of the collective. You could say that it's a perfect example of how the left has moved from touting independence to a shrill voice, telling people precisely what they should be doing.

And you'd be completely correct.

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