M&M's are almost as American as apple pie. So is the hunting knife. But as far as Mars, Inc. - the company that makes M&M's - is concerned, the two don't mix.

Mars confirms that it declined an order for custom M&M's from a knife advocacy group because of the word “knife” in its logo.

“MY M&M’s® made the decision to not print the customized order because it contained the word ‘knife,’ which is not in keeping with the fun, celebratory nature of our brand,” according to a company spokesman.

Via The Blaze:

It started last month when Doug Ritter, founder of the Knife Rights Foundation, placed an order for custom M&M’s to promote his cause: 1,000 units of red, white and blue chocolate candies inside packages stamped with his foundation’s logo.


Ritter was shocked, he said, when the company refused to fill the order, telling him the word knife was not “family-friendly.”


“Boy Scouts use them, Girl Scouts use them, every single family in America has knives in the kitchen and at some point they teach their kids how to use them,” Ritter told TheBlaze. “[Knives are] man’s oldest tool.”

Here's the logo the Mars Company refused to print on its M&M's:


Ritter says he has asked Mars for email confirmation of its rejection of his order several times, to no avail. He also says that, come Halloween, he won't be passing out M&M's to the neighborhood kids:

“Come Halloween this year our family will carve our pumpkins using several different knives, but instead of giving the children who come to our front door M&M’s, Snickers and Milky Ways, as we have for many years, they will be given a treat that will not bear the Mars, Inc. brand.”

After reading this ridiculous story, I think I'll join him.