In the “you can't make this up” file, Paul Robeson High School in Chicago just had its prom and its theme was “This Is Are Story.” Sadly, this isn't a joke or a bit of intentional irony on the part of the students.


Turns out that Paul Robeson High School is a symptom of a school district that is failing its students. The neighborhood is located in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago's South Side, which is one of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in the city.

Just how bad are Chicago Public Schools, they're this bad:

Four out of 10 CPS freshmen do not graduate.


If they do graduate, 91 percent have to take remediation courses in college because they do not know how to do basic math and school work. Just 26 percent of CPS high school students are college-ready, according to the ACT subject matter tests.

The taxpayers pay these teachers $76,000 a year and the school's administration can't even distinguish between “are” and “our” on printed cards they hand out on prom night?

If a Chicago public school can't use acceptable grammar on mass-printed cards, then what does that say about what's going on in the schools?

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