At a campaign event in 2007, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney shared his views on what could happen in Iraq if the situation was not handled with care. He said:

“You could see in the Shia south, the Iranians reaching over and grabbing to take power. You could see in the Sunni northwest, the Al-Qaeda folks taking power and leadership in that area.”


“You could see the unrest among some of the Kurd populations and surrounding countries, perhaps destabilize the border of Turkey. And it’s even possible that you might think a regional conflict in the Middle East may occur.”

Romney's predictions are so accurate, it's almost eerie. And here's why:

1. In the last 48 hours the Iranian government sent 2,000 troops to Iraq to help quell the current insurgency.

2. The Al-Qaeda linked group ISIS composed of Sunni militants have successfully captured the northwestern Iraqi cities of Mosul and Tikrit.

3. The Arab Spring has created unrest in 17 nations with an Islamic majority.

I guess that's what happens when you gaze into the crystal ball of common sense. You see things as they really are.

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