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Obama Administration’s EPA Chief Openly Declares War on 500,000 Jobs

Gina McCarthy, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, was on Bill Maher’s show and clarified the department’s position on coal:

Bill Maher: “Some people called it a war on coal. I hope it is a war on coal. Is it?”

Gina McCarthy: “That’s exactly what this is.”

For some perspective, a Heritage Foundation analysis of anti-coal policies found that they will destroy more than 500,000 jobs, slash the income of a typical family of four more than $1,400 a year, and increase electricity prices at least 20 percent. Price spikes could be much higher in states that depend heavily on coal-fired power plants, especially in the Midwest. Coal still produces 37% of the nation’s electricity.

One wonders if the consequences of winning this ‘war on coal’ are actually understood. We don’t have a replacement for coal that is anywhere near as cost-effective or as efficient, so this will end up being an extremely expensive fight.

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