Meet “Tactical Firearms.” It's a friendly firearms store in Katy, Texas.


This is the most recent sign from Tactical Firearms in Katy, Texas. It hits not only the Second Amendment hard, but a topic near and dear to so many people's hearts - Obamacare.

tactital 2

The Texas gun store is well-known in the area for posting signage with political statements. They range from provocative statements to public appeals - usually with a sense of humor thrown in.

tactical 1

The controversial Texas gun store is also in a political struggle with the Obama administration. According to an explanatory page on their website, their bank is not renewing their loan, stating that bank auditors in the Obama Administration have put undue pressure on financial institutions in non-favored industries.


As you can see, this gun shop is not only doing well in exercising its Second Amendment Rights, it's doing just fine with its First Amendment Rights as well.