At a Heritage panel on Benghazi, Brigitte Gabriel, the founder and CEO of ACT! for America, didn't hold much back when she spoke about a topic that has been on the minds of many lately.

A law student asked Gabriel, essentially, about the effects of the war on terrorism on the millions of Muslims who are not terrorists or jihadists, as well as why the U.S. feels it has the right to attack jihadists for their anti-American ideology.

Gabriel’s response – which caused the audience to erupt in cheers – clearly and pointedly acknowledged the difference between violent and non-violent Muslims and made a solid yet respectable case for why the U.S. can and should seek out radical jihadists.

However, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank wasn’t having it. Milbank absolutely blasted the panel session as having “deteriorated into the ugly taunting of a woman in the room who wore an Islamic head covering.”

Fortunately, the Twitter world could see through his attempt to vilify a well-informed answer and swiftly put him in his place:

Hats off to Gabriel for not letting political correctness get in the way of a honest, productive discussion - and for addressing radical Islam head-on rather than tip-toeing around it.

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