Hobby lobby-fugelsang-sharia

Among the more irate responses to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby's religious objection to Obamacare is MSNBC contributor and supposed comedian John Fugelsang, who couldn't help but compare the ruling to extremist Muslim Sharia Law:

He's also the same person who said if Jesus Christ came back to Earth, conservatives would crucify him again. Charming guy.

And he's not the only one! Here are some others comparing the ruling upholding religious liberty to shariah law, and to the ISIS terrorists:


Any time a subject like abortion is brought up, it spurs a lot of passion from each side. While this was a major and monumental victory for those who fought for Hobby Lobby, it was perhaps an even bigger loss for those who spoke out against it.

Of course, to compare beheading and crucifying people in Iraq to a case like this is probably a result of increased blood flow to the brain, due to all the infuriated screaming they've been doing since yesterday morning...

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