A poll conducted in the past three days asked likely voters about the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision- a decision which has caused liberals to erupt with rage on television and the internet. And if you were to believe a slew of traditional media outletsyou'd think everyone was enraged.

But despite the volume of the liberals' protestations, the poll found that more Americans agree with the Supreme Court decision than not:

  • Rasmussen found that 49% of those polled said they agreed with the Supreme Court's decision: that the owners of a tightly held business could be able to opt out of Obamacare's abortion mandate if it violates their religious beliefs. 39% disagreed with the decision.
  • Only 38% said that it is at least somewhat important to their decision of where to work whether a company pays for contraceptive coverage, according to Life News. 58% said it was not important. These numbers were not affected by gender.

Americans recognize the importance of religious freedom in our country. Looks like the Democrats' near-daily cries of the GOP's “war on women” is starting to sound old- and hollow- to everyday Americans.