It's widely been recognized that potential presidential candidate Rand Paul's greatest weakness in terms of electability is his foreign policy.

Which makes the results of recent polls even more surprising. From our friends at Rare:

According to a June Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, “58% of the Republican respondents said the war in Afghanistan wasn’t worth it, compared with the 37% who said it was.” In just a year’s time 21 percent more people believe that war in Afghanistan wasn’t worth it.


related Journal/NBC/Annenberg survey conducted days later found similar erosion in views about Iraq found that “46% of Republicans said the war in Iraq wasn’t worth it, compared with the 44% who said it was.” What’s more, “63% [say] the war in Afghanistan wasn’t worth it, compared with the 39% who held that view in January of 2013.”


An April Wall Street Journal poll showed that 45 percent of Republicans think America should be less involved in world affairs, compared to 29 percent who believe the opposite.

So from the surveys above, it is pretty apparent that a large number of Republicans feel that our country's two most recent wars were mistakes and that America is too involved in world affairs in general. 

That sounds uncannily like something Senator Rand Paul would say; he recently deemed U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East a “disaster” and regularly argues for less involvement in world affairs.

Before the party completely writes off Paul as a presidential contender, perhaps they should ask themselves: Are we sure we don't agree with him?

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