In the latest sign that the White House is out of touch with reality, press secretary Josh Earnest (wait - isn't that name oxymoronic?) said Monday that Barack Obama has brought tranquility to the world. Yeah, really.

“I think that there have been a number of situations in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way that has substantially furthered American interests and substantially improved the tranquility of the global community.”

Huh? So, just exactly how has Obama gone about bringing “tranquility” to the world, you ask? In his own words: “Don't do stupid sh*t.” With that thought in mind, let's revisit 10 global events and see how well they pass the smell test:

1. Obama Draws Red Line On Syrian Use Of Chemical Weapons; Does Nothing When Assad Gases His Own People


Obama draws a “red line” on Syria's chemical weapons. Assad ignores Obama and gases his own people. Obama does nothing. Putin seizes the opportunity to broker a deal with Assad, boosting Russia's presence in the Middle East.

2. Russia Annexes Crimea; Obama Slaps Sanctions On Putin's Pals


Russia masses troops on the Crimean border. Obama warns Putin not to invade the Ukrainian State. Putin ignores him, annexes Crimea. Obama slaps a few monetary sanctions on Putin's pals.

3. U.S. Border Out of Control As Thousands Pour Into Country; Obama Asks For Billions To House Them

1896249_na_immigrant_mrcWhile the White House continues to claim that Obama's border security plan is working as tens of thousands of illegal aliens - many of them children - continue to pour across the border. Obama asks Congress for $3.7 billion to deal with the crisis, only 2% of which is earmarked for border security. The bulk of the remainder? Housing and legal representation for illegals.

4. North Korea Tests Nuclear Weapon, Rockets; Responds To Obama's Threats By Calling Him Names

4Obama warns North Korea not to conduct a nuclear test and to cease its threats against South Korea. North Korea conducts a nuclear test, continues to test long-range missiles and continues its rhetoric against the South. It also ridicules Obama with racial slurs.

5. Obama Unilaterally Lifts Sanctions On Iran; Mullahs Continue Pursuit Of Nuclear Weapons


Against the advice of Congress, Obama lifts sanctions on Iran, while allowing Tehran to continue its nuclear program, including enrichment of uranium. Iranian President Rohani boasts of humiliating Obama.

6. Terrorists 'On The Run' In Libya Kill U.S. Ambassador, Three Other Americans In Benghazi


Repeated requests for additional security for the U.S. mission in Benghazi are ignored. Islamic extremists attack the mission, killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Susan Rice, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton immediately blame the attack on an obscure YouTube video.

7. Obama Suspends U.S. Aid To Egypt After Ouster Of Muslim Brotherhood; Russia Now Supplying Military Hardware To Egypt


Egypt's Hosni Mubarak is overthrown in a coup during the so-called Arab Spring. The Muslim Brotherhood rises to power. The Brotherhood is ultimately ousted by the Egyptian military. Obama complains, supports the Brotherhood and withdraws U.S. military aid. Russia is now providing military aid to Egypt.

8. Obama Releases 'Taliban-5' Dream Team In Exchange For Army Deserter Bowe Bergdahl

8Obama exchanges five Taliban detainees for reported Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl. The “Taliban Five,” as they've come to be known, are compared to 4-star generals by critics of the trade. Hillary Clinton insists that they are of no threat to the U.S. - but says they are a threat to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

9. Germany Expels Top U.S. Intel Official Over NSA Spying Scandal


In addition to spying on everyday Americans, the NSA conducts extensive spying against foreign countries and their leaders. It is revealed that the agency has also tapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel's cell phone. This week, Germany expels a top U.S. Intel official over the spying scandal.

10. Obama's Abrupt Withdrawal From Iraq Leads To Rise Of Muslim Extremism, Creation Of Islamic State


Failing to secure a “status of forces” agreement with Iraq in 2011, Obama abruptly withdraws all U.S. forces. Islamic extremists sweep the country in 2014, establishing a caliphate. One wonders how “tranquil” the residents of the newly formed “The Islamic State” are feeling these days.

To be fair, Barack Obama is not solely responsible for the deteriorating - and dangerous - state of the world. But to believe that he has somehow brought “tranquility” to the “global community” requires the suspension of disbelief.

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