Have 77% of Americans ever agreed on anything? Turns out, yes: Immigration.

An Economist/ poll on issues related to immigration found the following:

  • 81% believe that the problem is serious.

  • 77% believe they should be returned to their country of origin

  • 66% express strong sympathy for the causes that drove them north

  • 57% believe that immigrants are coming here because the government will be granting amnesty

The country is split, however, on the details of exactly how fast the return should be done. Only 10% feel that they should be merely dropped off at the Mexican border. A third of those who feel they should be returned insist that should be “only if” conditions are safe.

As would be expected, the issue has had a negative effect on the President, as well. Only one-third of those polled approve of his handling of the issue.

A clear conclusion from this poll is that amnesty or open immigration policies are a minority preference.

Although there is an extremely complicated problem now that the illegal immigrants are here, policies and positions of the Obama administration have clearly sent a signal to people south of the border that have inspired these activities. And a majority of Americans want it stopped.

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