If you thought the ordeal of flying — the dreary gauntlet of security inspections, apathetic government agents, and waiting in line after line after line — was bad enough already, guess again.

USA Today reports on the level of TSA performance that's laughably, shockingly inept (even for the TSA):

A Transportation Security Administration agent told D.C. resident Justin Gray that his driver's license was not a valid form of identification.


Gray, who was trying to get through security at an Orlando airport Saturday, is also a Washington correspondent for WFTV-TV in Orlando and reported on his weekend experience.


Gray said his license was valid and up-to-date.


The TSA officer asked for a passport, which Gray said he did not have at the time. Gray was able to get through security and then complained to a TSA supervisor, reports WFTV.

Here's Gray's tweet (since gone viral) where he incredulously describes the TSA agent's rationale for denying him passage through security:


Sadly, this isn't the first such incident of this kind. In February, The Washington Post covered a similar story:

Ashley Brandt was all smiles last week when she went to board a flight home after a belated birthday trip to the Grand Canyon.


Then, standing in an airport security line in Phoenix, her jaw dropped.


According to Brandt, an agent with the Transportation Security Administration took a look at her D.C. license and began to shake her head. “I don’t know if we can accept these,” Brandt recalled the agent saying. “Do you have a U.S. passport?’

Increased security measures on airlines are a controversial topic, but it makes sense for the government to implement measures that will protect its citizens. Some inconvenience in that regard is expected and acceptable.

What should never be acceptable are appalling displays of government incompetence. These two relatively innocent incidents should raise a big question: Are stories like these one-off mishaps perpetrated by incompetent government agents?

Or are they symptomatic of the kind of government we have nowadays?

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