Westboro Baptist Church, infamous for its protests against everything from military funerals to a vigil held for Sandy Hook victims, now says it plans to picket the funeral of Robin Williams. His “sin”? Playing a gay man in The Birdcage and the role of a man pretending to be a woman in Mrs. Doubtfire. 

In spite of the family's request for privacy, the anti-gay church, known for its ‘God Hates Fags’ banners, announced plans to picket the funeral after labeling Williams a “Fag Pimp.”

As reported by The Huffington PostPlanting Peace, a nonprofit organization founded in 2004, plans to challenge WBC's protest with a fundraiser. Aaron Jackson, co-founder of the organization:

"Robin Williams played many different roles in so many people’s lives, and giving back to others was at the top of that list. His appeal crossed generational boundaries.


When the WBC announced they were protesting Robin’s funeral, we felt like launching a fundraiser for a charity Robin loved would be the perfect way to honor him and counteract the message of hate and intolerance that the WBC continues to convey."

The proceeds from the fundraiser will go to St. Jude Children's Hospital. Planting Peace hopes to raise $30,000 through a crowd-sourcing initiative.