We've lost our humanity. Something's gone wrong in this world and we've stopped seeing one another as people - flesh and blood and fallible.

Today, we are mere political symbols or members of a “race” or part of some “community” or representative of “gender” or some “class” or some “ethnicity.”

Stop. Just stop. We don't need this. It's not necessary. It's not helpful. And it sure as hell isn't compassionate.

When you're born into this world, are you born into it a “Caucasian”? Are you born into it a “Hispanic”? Are you born into it an “African-American”? Are you born into it an “Albino transgender Mongolian shoe-shiner”? No, you are who you are.

We're all just human beings just trying to figure out this messed-up world and how to survive in it. Why are we pushing each other away with mere abstractions?

Why are we creating more misunderstanding with these “groups” none of us chose, which are universally on our forms of identification?

Forget about “us” and “them” - it's just “you” and “me.”

Some human beings are murderous. Some are generous. Some people are brave. Others are cowardly. Some live their lives with hatred and bitterness. Others are kindly and loving and deserve our honor.

If we can't even own our own actions in this world, what do we have? If we can't even live our own lives - neither being responsible for the injustice of others, nor claiming the victories of the past - where is the justice in this world?

The martial artist Bruce Lee once said, “Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system.”

You are more important than that “system.” Forget politics. The whole world should respect you for who you are and judge you on your merits.

It's the only way there can be accountability. It's the only way the world can be sane.

The greatest problem in the United States today is that there are too many people claiming to speak for one another's identities.

Some blacks speak for all blacks. Some Republicans speak for all Republicans (tea party vs. RINOs vs. establishment, etc.). Some gays speak for all gays. Some women speak for all women. And on and on it goes. Without end, sowing hatred at every turn. Breeding resentment and argument and conflict.

Speak for yourself. Stop letting people claim your voice. Be heard for who you are. Demand to live your own life and push to have the freedom to live the way you dream to live it.

The evils of the world are not all your own - stop allowing others to put them on you. You have your own love to give. Own it.