During live coverage of the ongoing conflict in Ferguson, Missouri, CNN reporter Jake Tapper was seen marching with and interviewing protesters. But it wasn't the interview that made people stop what they were doing to get a better look.

Someone marching behind Tapper appears to be holding a sign which reads “ISIS here” - in reference to the terrorist group which has been ravaging large areas on Iraq and Syria ever since the U.S. military left.

While the sign was likely a ploy for attention, it was still shocking to see. People on Twitter were quick to point out the eerie image.




Some wanted to know why Tapper didn't address the sign - though it's entirely likely he just never saw it. As you can see in the video below, the man holding the sign - whose face is obscured by it - joined the march after Tapper began the interview.

This isn't a matter of goofing around on TV as an expression of free speech, it's potentially against the law to show “aid and comfort” to sworn enemies of the United States, such as the terrorist organization ISIS/IS.

With a similar report last week of a member of ISIS allegedly showing up near the White House, let's hope that our government is properly investigating these threats - regardless of whether they are serious or not.

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