In an incident reminiscent of the Ferguson shooting that has gripped the nation, another shooting involving police officers and a robbery suspect has taken place in Missouri. [The video posted above contains graphic content.]

The Tuesday shooting involved St. Louis police officers taking down a knife-wielding man in front of stunned onlookers. KSDK reports:

A 25-year-old man armed with a knife is dead after two police officers shot him in north St. Louis.


Chief Sam Dotson with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department says at 12:20 p.m. officers received a call for a disturbance in the area of Riverview Boulevard and McLaran Avenue.


Police said Kajieme Powell entered a nearby convenience store and walked out carrying two energy drinks.

Surveillance video from the robbery was also released to the public. The video below shows Powell allegedly stealing two energy drinks from a convenience store:

The shooting incident took place just a few miles north of where the Michael Brown shooting took place. In the amateur video posted at top, the robbery suspect Kajieme Powell can be seen approaching police officers with a knife saying, “Shoot me, shoot me now.”

After Powell climbs up onto the ledge, the St. Louis police officers unload multiple rounds on the suspect, and then handcuff him after he's fallen onto the ground. The robbery suspect was obviously acting erratically, and had refused to obey multiple clear orders from the police to drop the weapon.

While it is customary and understandable for police officers to use lethal force when an attacker refuses to drop a deadly weapon, questions of potential excessive force remain due to the number of rounds fired and the handcuffing of an incapacitated man who needed immediate medical attention.

In any event, police officers do not have an enviable job making a judgment call when they are put in a dangerous situation such as the one captured on video here. When people's lives are being threatened by an armed man, tragedies are ultimately bound to happen.