A 59-year-old great-grandfather from Kettering, UK, was captured on CCTV literally throwing burglars out of his home while in a tux, after coming home from a social event, according to

Andrew Adamson and his wife Liza came home to find their door forced open. At first they thought it was their son, but soon realized otherwise when they spotted three hooded robbers inside their home.

We came home and they were already in there. My wife opened the door and thought it was my son playing but then realised it wasn’t," the 59-year-old told MailOnline.

Without hesitation, Adamson drags the first robber out of his home, while getting hit in the head and chest with a two-foot crowbar.

But the thieves' weapon didn't stop this fearless man from getting the burglars out of his house. As he is getting hit by the weapon, Adamson drags the second thief out by his hood, while the third robber realizes he should run away while he still can.

The situation became increasingly dangerous, as one robber pulled out a deadly weapon:

“I followed them out into the street and I got hold of the other fella but the taller assailant came back for him and pulled a razor out so I decided that was the time to let go.”

Adamson's adrenaline must have been extremely high during the attack, since he didn't even seem to be affected by the crowbar. Later that night, Adamson received 7 stitches in his head from a gash caused during the fight.

The robbers managed to escape with around £400, but Adamson knew if he hadn't been there, things could have been much worse.

“I was not just going to let them stand by and ransack my house – I did what any good husband would do. I wanted to protect my home and protect my wife,” he said.

The robbers definitely did not expect someone to come home during the robbery, especially someone like Adamson. Maybe next time they will think twice before they attempt to break into a home.

This is one grandpa you don't want to mess with.