More Muslims living in Western countries are coming forward to condemn ISIS. The latest example is the Birmingham Islamic Society in Hoover, Alabama.

The BIS released a statement to that reads:

The Birmingham Islamic Society would like to reiterate its condemnation of the un-Islamic and morally repugnant violence of the so-called extremist group 'ISIS,'“ the statement said. ”Last month, BIS had expressed solidarity with several American Islamic organizations that condemned the killing of journalist James Foley by ISIS and had called for Steven Sotloff's immediate release.


"No words can describe the horror, disgust and sorrow felt by Muslims worldwide and in America at the unconscionable violence perpetrated by the terror group ISIS in the name of religion. The criminal actions of ISIS are antithetical to the faith of Islam.


“Such brutal acts must face redoubled efforts by people of all faiths and backgrounds to promote peace and justice and to reject the religious divisions these monstrous acts are designed to create. Our hearts go out to Mr. Sotloff's loved ones and to all the loved ones of those murdered by ISIS.”

This comes on the heels of British Muslim leaders releasing a fatwa denouncing ISIS and Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, holding rallies against ISIS.

For its part, this is not the first time the Birmingham Islamic Society denounced terrorism. In fact, they have a prominent link on the front page of their website, making clear their stance against terrorism.

As the Islamic world confronts the reality that there are Muslims who are committing atrocities and murder in the name of Islam, Muslims who reject violence and extremism should continue to be encouraged to be a voice against the barbarians.

The only way Islamic terrorism and extremism will end is if Muslims demand it ends.