ISIS terrorists might indeed be poised to blow the Obama administration “out of the water” on social media, as SNL recently put it in a skit ripping the President's handling of the terror organization.

ISIS' newly discovered secret weapon? The listicle.

The International Business Times listed the equivalent of “5 Reasons the Islamic State is Justified in Mercilessly Killing Innocent Women & Children and Of Course, All Infidels,” which gives us unique insight into the merciless terror organization's view of human beings.

They reported the following (via IBT):

  1. “...all Mushrik (anyone who worship any other God other than Allah, which includes the Shias, Yazidis, the Kurds) can neither be granted amnesty nor be ransomed off. Quoting a passage from Surah Al-Anfal (The Spoils of War), it says: ”Punish them severely in order to disperse those who are behind them, so that they may learn a lesson."
  2. “...the reason that a 'kufaar' (including Jews and Christians) has to be killed is that if they are not killed, they will later return and pose a threat to Islam.”
  3. "...until and unless a prisoner says 'subhaanahu wa ta'ala,' a Muslim name for Allah, he can neither be shown generosity and freed without ransom nor be set free after paying a ransom.
  4. “...amnesty and ransom are possible only after the killing of a large number. So if a captive was imprisoned after that, the Imam has a choice to kill him or (do) otherwise.”
  5. “...the Imam or someone acting on his behalf can choose between killing, amnesty, ransom or enslaving the prisoner.”

ISIS terrorists are obviously innovating when it comes to social media. What's next? Cat images. Here's a little taste of what that would look like.

Like Habeebullah “Killer of Infidels” bin Roohul Qudus Suicide Bomber Cat:


Don't forget the martyr Aarif “Whiskers of Pain” bin Bushraa:


Or the deadly sniper Rasool ur Ra'ahmah “He Who Goes Bang” bin Siratum Mustaqeem:


Then there is this black-masked bandit, Nabee “The Butcher” ul Ghauth. Just look into those eyes:


Dictators and terrorists around the world are so impressed by ISIS' social media campaign, they could even come up with their own listicles. Such as:

  • 57 Reasons Vladimir Putin Thinks Anti-Gay Laws are the Cat's Pajamas - with Real Pictures of Cats in Pajamas
  • Who Let the Dogs Out? 35 Gifs of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un Throwing His Enemies to the Dogs
  • 22 Funniest Jihadist Screwups That Wound Up Martyring Mujahadeen Just a Bit Earlier Than Expected
  • 17 Hilarious Expressions from Jihadists Upon Seeing What Kind of 72 Virgins are Waiting for Them in Heaven

Ahh, the hilarity goes on and on. That is, until the party is abruptly ended with a JDAM or a Tomahawk missile. Then it may take more than cute listicles to save a terror state from destruction.

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