Every wireless company has its fair share of horror stories. There's a hole in every contract, a catch to every “deal,” or, frankly, a customer service rep that could care less.

A widow from Cardiff, Wales, was continuously receiving bills from T-Mobile after her husband lost his fight to cancer.

Maria Raybould's husband David died on August 27th, but she was receiving overdue bills as recently as November 8th. The latest bill was asking for £129.48 ($202.50).

t-mobile bills

According to Wales Online, Raybould's son Craig visited the local T-Mobile store the day after his father's death to sort out the bill. Instead of canceling the plan, they asked for David's death certificate. Upon returning with the certificate, the mobile representative said he would have to send a copy to the head office.

Maria, who suffers from bipolar disorder, eventually brought in even more unnecessary proof, including a letter from the creamatorium and funeral bills. She even brought in her husband's ashes.

A T-Mobile spokesperson said there had been a delay in the process, which resulted in automatic bills from the company. As of November 16, almost three months after David's death, T-Mobile has finally cleared the balance.

maria t-mobile

One comment from Maria accurately sums up the situation, “I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what we have gone through over the last few months."

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