No doubt people have heard of major movie theaters nationwide canceling their screening of an edgy Seth Rogan and James Franco flick called The Interview, which pillories North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Deadline Hollywood reported on the cancellations:

Ultimately, The Interview didn’t go well, and Sony’s controversial film appears dead. Regal and Cinemark said today that they will not screen the Seth Rogen-directed comedy, and other major exhibition chains including AMC and Cineplex are expected to follow suit.

And they did. This follows a vague threat of '9-11 style' attacks on movie theaters (that doesn't make much sense, but I digress) and President Obama even telling people to “go to the movies.”

One Hollywood actor who isn't shy about speaking his mind is Rob Lowe, who posted the following viral comment on Twitter:

rob lowe

Needless to say, the director Judd Apatow was furious with the decision:

Then the director put it in perspective how ludicrous it is:

Apatow followed up with:

But then he consoled audiences:

Some notable people were appalled by the knee-jerk decision:

The rest of the Twittersphere weighed in:

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