The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a designated terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates, has asked Fox News to stop using “Islamophobic commentators” after commentator Steve Emerson was forced to apologize for saying that the Birmingham, UK, city is a “Muslim-only city”:

“Fox News' continued use of Islamophobes, such Steven Emerson and many others like him, only serves to harm the network's reputation and to promote hostility toward Islam and ordinary American Muslims.”

CAIR and their site,, goes on to say that Emerson is “one of the nation's most notorious Islamophobes who has made a career out of promoting anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.”

They also cite a 4-or 5-year-old op-ed from The Tennessean that describes Emerson as “a leading member of a multimillion-dollar industry of self-proclaimed experts who spread hate toward Muslims in books and movies, on websites and through speaking appearances.”

CAIR's report lists other 'offending' commentators:

“Fox News continues to utilize the nation's most notorious Islamophobes and Islamophobia enablers — like Robert SpencerPamela GellerAyaan Hirsi AliBrigitte Gabriel, and Zuhdi Jasser — as regular commentators on issues related to Islam and Muslims.”

CAIR continues to say that “hate speech” writer Robert Spencer recently made a claim similar to Emerson's. However, CAIR doesn't mention that the FBI spokesman, who was also involved in the same interview, backed up Spencer's claim about the “no-go” zones in France.

Interestingly, CAIR has sent representatives to do interviews on Fox News, condemning the Charlie Hebdo attacks and defending freedom of speech.