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In September, Arkansas gun range owner Jan Morgan declared her business to be a “Muslim-free zone.” At the time, there was controversy and a thought that she could be sued for violating anti-discrimination laws.


Now, despite predictions of her critics, five months later she has not been sued and business is booming. Fox News reports:

“Morgan claims business has 'quadrupled' with people from out of state coming to the range and some even offering donations for what they predict will be a legal battle.”

Morgan, who claims to discern who is Muslim by evaluating customer names, provides a multitude of reasons on her website explaining her decision to ban Muslims from the facility:

“The Koran (which I have read and studied thoroughly) and (which muslims align themselves with), contains 109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam.”

Another possible reason that would likely play a role in her legal defense, should she be sued, is, Morgan said:

"I have a federal firearms license… The ATF informed us when we received the license that if we feel ANY reason for concern about selling someone a firearm, even sense that something is not right about an individual, or if we are concerned about that person's mental state, even if they pass a background check, we do not have to sell that person a gun.

Two different ATF agents stressed that it is better to err on the side of caution.

In other words, a federal agency has given FFL’s discretion on firearms deals. An FFL can turn people away if there is any concern about their behavior and or plans for use of the firearm in the commission of a crime."

In addition to Muslims, Morgan added that she does not allow Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members to use her business facilities.

A lot of public reaction on social media has been negative:

Others noted a report that she kicked out a Hindu man and his son after mistaking them for Muslims:

Her business decision was even blamed for ISIS recruitment success:

But, there was also some support for Morgan's decision:

Both The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the ACLU have written complaints to the Department of Justice (DOJ) about her decision to ban Muslims from her business.

Rita Sklar, director of the Arkansas chapter of the ACLU, told Fox News:

“'We would be happy to talk to anyone who had been turned away because he or she is Muslim or perceived to be Muslim,' Sklar said. 'We would be more than happy to take her to court to get her to do the American, moral thing.'”

As of now, no potential plaintiffs have come forward and Morgan is not backing down to any threats because of her decision.

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