Hermosa Beach Community Center 03

Los Angeles-area beach communities awoke Thursday morning to find a series of posters were hung around their neighborhoods. The mocking art appeared the same day environmentalist-activists Ed Begley Jr. and Bobby Kennedy Jr. planned to speak at an anti-oil drilling environmental forum.

The artwork targeted Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach, the same areas of Santa Monica Bay the forum focused on:

anti oil drilling seminar

One of the posters portrays actor Ed Begley, Jr.:

Herando and Sepulveda Hermosa Beach
The Arabic text reads “I love Arab oil.”

The other caricature parodies Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.:

The text in Arabic reads "Hello, ladies."
The text in Arabic reads “Hello, ladies.”

The art suggests opposition to fracking benefits foreign oil, unwittingly or not:

Hermosa Beach Community Center 03
This is the community center where the two will be speaking.

For Begley's, the posters pile on to the veteran actor’s 2014 missteps when he became the unwitting villain in a Project Veritas sting video.

In the video, Begley, along with other Hollywood elites, agrees to participate in an anti-fracking film project. The “film” is financed by Muhammad, a fake Middle-Eastern oil magnate. Begley still agrees, even after Muhammed reveals he wants to damage American fracking just to protect his bottom line.

(Later Begley claimed he nodded to be polite, and is also hard of hearing.)

PCH in front of Hermosa Beach Community Center

On the “Stop Oil Drilling Now in Hermosa Beach” Facebook page, posts and pictures celebrate how low fuel prices threatens the fracking industry. But many experts believe American fracking efforts have forced Middle-Eastern suppliers to cut oil costs, leading to lower gas prices.

Recent national polls show a decrease in support for fracking, with more people now opposing fracking than supporting it.

At the time of publication, no artist has claimed credit for lampooning the fracking forum speakers.

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