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President Obama has never been one to shy away from the camera. So it wasn't really a surprise when he had some fun at his recent photoshoot and interview with Buzzfeed. But the fallout has been swift.

For starters, it's great that the President—and a person of his stature—knows how to have some fun once in a while. Like the proper way to take selfies:

And who's to blame when things inevitably go wrong:

But there are two reasons why his viral interview has come under fire.

First, it was all a part of his push to promote the much-maligned Affordable Care Act to a younger, hipper demographic. He did something similar last year to reach the same crowd.

Second, this was so poorly timed. While it wasn't necessarily the White House's decision to post the video on the day of Kayla Mueller's death at the hands of ISIS mercenaries, the fact that the video was released on the same day has become a public relations problem.

Twitter has responded in full force:

While this doesn't necessarily mean that Obama takes his power lightly, his on-camera decisions make you wonder a bit about whether this demeans the office he holds. And when George Will joined the Fox News Live desk, he made some great points about it.

According to RealClearPolitics, Will explained how he felt about the grandstanding:

Some people think this diminishes the presidency, I certainly hope so because I think the presidency, not this president but the office itself, is too much with us and far too grand and encrusted in royal trappings. But beyond that, what makes this interesting, he is trying to get people to sign up and in 37 states... the Supreme Court's going to be heard from on this and 37 states, they're signing up to get subsidies through federal exchanges which, by the end of June, may be defunct. So this is a small episode, leading up to the biggest Supreme Court decision of the year.

The problem isn't that Obama is making videos about YOLO. It's that he's making these videos while ISIS is committing atrocities overseas. He might not need to have an opinion about everything they do, but people are starting to take notice when he takes selfies instead.

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